The street Hawkers are with us again.

Well: I am going to have to leave Quora. It is a web site of questions by readers and answers by readers. Everyone can read. Everyone can answer questions. The readers can see the answers. It is a simple thought.
I have had a lot of fun with this, having about 3-7 thousand views a week on my answers.

But today: I had to ‘read more’ only by joining Quora+. It costs money.

What was a serious Reddit, is now the Washington Post, where you can only look at the first paragraph, then you need to pay. Or like Youtube that fills you with massive amounts of adds.. until you pay the monthly cost to view without ads.

It was fun Quora. But I hope that readership drops to a level where the + atrocity disappears. I suppose that they have to make money. Wiki asks for donations to stay alive. I pay those small amounts at times. It is certainly not $10 per month! And it doesn’t need to be that high.

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