This is generation 2 of my dust visualizer. The first one was 3 times stronger. It burnt up. my Bad.

I just walked into my lab; which has a carpet; It was pretty clear when I sat down to view it. Then this happened.

Carpets are good to ‘proof’ you against dust. But if you have allergies, they could be considered… yikes!

Like mud and kids, or kids and horses, some allergies are good and some are bad.

My dust visualizer is generation 2. The next one will be portable. The light in this chamber would blind you if you looked at it. But it stays at 45C.. because of the fan that keeps circulating the collected dust. A new thought.. sample and circulate.

Generation 3 is coming.

Just for the fun of it.

In a bay below Alaska, probably in Canada, our Cruise Ship made a stop at the wharf in a small tourist town on the coast. We were one of three. Each ship was larger than the complete town.

But a side trip.. snorkelling, caught my eye. The weather was gathering and almost all side trips were cancelled because we were going to make a fast run to Vancouver to miss the storm. But our little minibus made it to the peninsula to the south of town.. and we put on Farmer John wetsuits. Without that we wouldn’t last 1 minute in the water. I took off my mask to test that comment and instantly regretted my decision. 

Fortunately, we were just snorkeling. But the water was over 25 feet deep. We stayed among the kelp and the jellyfish for at least 20 minutes. The divemaster (ok.. snorkel master lady) brought up starfish and described the danger these ones posed. I took movies which are now lost in one of my laptops.

Imagine swimming down through the kelp to the jellyfish in 50F water, while the storm was whipping up. Our ship left 2 hours later.

My Apnea Alarms

My sleep apnea is held to a minimum now. The white squares in the back of the photo show my first (black) and second (orange) generation. The first one, sitting on my forehead, blasts and buzzes at me the moment that I aim to sleep on my back. This does it too many times and I woke up often.

The second one, also on my forehead, uses a gravity detector and runs using a computer chip. This one waits 20 seconds on being on my back before waking me up with a blast of sound and vibration. I don’t really alarm at any time now. But it also records and displays the time of alarms and the side’s that I am on every 10 minutes. 

My first alarm was the nosepiece with two thermistors in it. The wires from those went to another forehead computer which made waveforms and tested apnea. The alarm would wake me up. The waveform was recorded on a datalogger. My software was a very close match to the AHI readings on my Philips apnea machine. I don’t need this any more. All is under control.

My guess is that dehydration is the trigger. My airway gets floppy if not fully taut by water. My Massimo SPO2 finger sensor agrees with me. It measures, in an odd way, my hydration level.

Airplane Food

There is this drink. I hesitate to share this information since you may never recover from the future … love… of Contreau. We, Sandy and I, determined in our fear of flying that this was the food for airlines.

It is not like Gin, nor like Scotch at its best. It is like greek ouzo, because it is seemingly innocent.

This fluid hits your lips like a vapour. It dissipates and you drink it. Sweet, in this case. Really old Scotch does this, but it is not sweet.

Geoff gave me an LCBO ticket to buy Contreau. Witch, was, done. OK, but I did buy it and it is half full 60 days later. I am not on an airplane. I am waiting for my homemade lasagna to cook. Yes, the Alexa timer banged at me 10 minutes ago. I ams still on my last third of Contreau. Time must slow down.

My Diet:

It’s hard to see the details, but I just added the RDA% window to the right of my program, on my laptop, which allows me to enter Items of food in a USDA database of foods and vitamins and minerals. I found all the Recommended Daily Allowance’s for each column in the USDA database. Lots missing, but about 30 of the 47 columns are covered by RDA.

The program allows me to make recipes from ingredients and save them in the database locally. This is from yesterday and I did pretty well.. Vit C (I have a supplement) is hard to find since I try to keep sugar levels low (38% of RDA)..