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This is a Family Page for me. My children and close relatives live in Ontario Canada. We have others in Michigan, nephews once removed. And Canada has more as we have spread out. My ancestral line comes from England. My links to the 1600’s there are on but I don’t support The Other Pateys there any more..

The Family History page shows our present family here from Georgetown, near Toronto, then other recent stuff and then some of the historical stuff. The PDF of our military ancestry in Great Britain is included and a good read.

I have done paintings, more done after Sandy passed away in 2010. And I have decided to start again.. my new eye surgery has helped me to see colours better! The My Paintings has a nice little video at the bottom of my better efforts.

SO this site is firstly, the photos gathered from our holidays. Personally and on business, I have to been to about 48 countries. These photos are basically from after year 2000, since digital became the thing. They are haphazardly placed, which makes life more interesting. I have painted a few landscapes from these.

AND this site is for the paintings, most of which are here, and this is a hobby. I have given most of them away, and filled the garage with the failures.. or just not perfect. Some are on my walls.

A picture of a thousand words  But I keep adding stuff, like this.

And, the web searches always, for me, show the Wikipedia for

Thomas McNamara Russell.. I made it big.

He is an ancestor. His daughter, a beautiful girl, married a handsome Patey in the 1800’s. 

He may be our link to the infamous Russells in England. 

Sandy and I have been in a lot of places on holidays. This is Namibia.
NZ hills


from a Canadian film…

“This is Canada, sir. There’s no need to worry about such things.” 

This is it! Our destiny is ‘inclusive’. This is what Canada was in the 1900’s. We did our part. We kept level and strong. Those things that were corrupt were bonded with ‘being right’. Those bad things that we saw around us made us united. We were ‘good’.

But sir, I worry about our past and our future. We invaded a land. We created our world in that land. And we are now killing our world.

Nature is cruel. We did our part. We killed, and destroyed, and conveniently looked at the beauty of what we made.

Dear sir. Nature is attending to we humans. We have now decimated and altered the fate of the complete world. Canadians are now the worst polluters per person in the complete earthly domain. Canada. The worst offenders in the world!

And now, we are turning into the things that we had no need to worry about. Coal, Oil, Gas, expansion, pollution, politics, hate, killings, guns, isolation, danger all around. There are no protections from the haters. We are the narcissists who grew up the sons and daughters of narcissists who in turn came to Canada to make their new way work and They Had the Force of Narcissism.

This, sir is what humanity has to worry about.

Look at our newspapers, spewing hate. Look at the Pope.. a person.. acknowledging what we called ‘being right’ as being wrong. Our politics have become hateful, not just things to be disagreed, but persons to be hurt. This is Our Canada. Nature made us this way. We are devolving into our human nature, at uncontrolled depths. I would say to our ancesters..”In our present world, where is the ‘light’?”.

And Ladies. And Gentlemen. Your masks are now removed. Times are no longer controlled by you. Those that yell are heard. This is a new media world which is actually just.. the cruelty.. of our nature when things need to be worried about.

I saw, last fortnight, 100 waving windmills. Probably the ‘being right’ thing to make us feel better. We need 2000 examples of our windmill efforts to just fill the function of one small atomic unit. The Canadian government can’t even think of how to pay for such windmills for all of our domain. We have used up our earth. Filling the space with mechanics is now our only option. And it is just a breeze in the natural order of our Earth. And the wind is getting unpredictable. We have been chastened.


Another Rant:

This is a thing. Women are being forced back to slaves, to baby keepers. To be intimidated by men in charge. To be forced to endure the worst, to be kept in obeyance. You think that this is Afghanistan?
NO! This is the Republican party in the USA.
This is also the Indigenous women in Canada.
This is the Men vs Women count in any political party.
Women are being put out as different.

In my family, ladies are treated with equal respect to non-ladies. The women have the added burden of bearing children and the chemistry that comes with it. But a man’s world is what we had. It is now a future-world. Elephants know. Lions know. I suspect that all men know. Except those that live in the 12th century. Modern is ‘intelligent’, having evolved to be morally understanding of all human’s needs.

Our politics are forcing a world of obeyance and we are forced to think the political way of others. It is impossible. There is no overall agreement on individualism or seeing the truth as it is now. Some people are Wrong-headed. But kept to themselves, so be it. Smile at our Mennonites, our Witnesses, our red-necks. Live with the Inuits, the trap-makers, the hunters. But also live with the billionaires, the rich, the black neighbours who have perfect children. Live with diversity. It doesn’t need to be kept in other countries. We will eventually all be brown skinned. 100,000 years. Brown. A glorius shade of perfect tan brown. Bronze .. or Blond.. or perfect black. Who cares? Yes Japan, you are the brightest. Be happy. We will work harder.

But when wrong-headedness becomes the norm, there have to be rules. We used to call these wrong-headed people as sub-human and removed them. Now we should accept the differences.. but only if they do not affect the rest. (Communism wanted to take over the world.) Let the Republicans die in the pandemic.. it’s what they want, to be free to die. That is wrong-headed, but if we can contain that so they are happy in their depressed life-span, then let’s not get in their way. It will help keep fewer people in the world.

Well, this is THE thing. It is not just women or politics. It is mankind. It is Racism. AND it is the obtuse ‘social’ structure that keeps ‘mens’ minds closed.
People who are enlightened are pretty well all the same. They think of the others as friends to teach and help. And they know when to stop or be taught themselves. But ‘enlightened’ is a moving target. Enlightened people are in tune with change. They know what an enlightened world should look like… really all people know what humans, all humans need. It is just that the unenlightened are stuck in the past and want to live that way.

Why, for heaven’s sake do the unvaccinated feel rightous?
Why, for the love of Him, do the unvaccinated feel free to demonstrate violently?
Why do the users of ‘the Pill’ feel that rape should have it’s reward?
Why are there poor countries? China was poor. It got over it. Can we help others?

There are so many of us.. who feel ‘sensitive’ about what is good for all. Regardless of the change that will come from it. There are so many normal humans who shrink at what the news ‘forces’ upon us. We are being abused by the few abnormals that get the news spotlight. It is time for change. There should be laws on social media. It is that simple. The FEW that fill the media with wrong information have to be removed.

The 10 commandments need extensions!

Think: “Love”, “Like” and “Hate”, “Remove” and “Send to Law enforcement” should be buttons on any lawful media/news site. These must be totalled and mediated. The general public are good.. mostly, and should be heard. And there should be ‘government morality’ things like the ‘constitution’ that all politicians MUST follow. Politicians must be judged harshly.. for they are the social media in all news stations. AND there is no ducking the law, or finding ways to beat the new 50 Commandments.
Start with Republicans.. do define the need for 40 new extensions.

USA/China/Russia vs World

The USA is aiming to be the next Russia and China. There will be elections in the USA, but only to select the best Republicans. The same demonizing of the minority, the control of white nationalism, closing borders and trading, stealing and doing things with impunity. Misinformation via national Fox Russia and China.

You think that I am kidding?

Just think of hero Trump. Sexual troll, controlling people with his power, Lying to the public every day.. mostly documented, and bringing out racism to equal that of China. China was trying to stop militants.. USA is creating militants, who are now trying to stop ‘their’ militants. USA is really China in the bud. The days of morality are waning.

Consider the smiling ‘Trump’ method of the Covid information suppression. It was a joyful way of separating the Repulicans from the ones to be attacked. There is no other reason why Trump knowingly killed 300,000 citizens.

Then the USA Republicans change election polling areas to make the non-Republican areas count as basically nothing. Russia and the USA use force. It is built in to their economy and built into the ruling class.

The USA international ‘force’ is money and control of trade. Some people call it bullying. It is the people not with power that mention the word ‘bullying’. I call it abuse of power.

Think guns and ammunition to the rest of the world, and in the USA, only eventually in the hands of the Republicans. Why else would guns be popular? Certainly not just for hunting game animals. This is open’s sole purpose.

The second USA amendment is only for those who want to use machine guns. The first amendment is only used to allow Fox and Facebook and other digital media to become the national ‘press’ of Republican misinformation. This is like China. The other lowly news stations like CNN are not even watched by the Republicans. It is not important to their rule.

The USA is not even a democracy. They are proud to call themselves a Republic. And Republicans should rule. That is their driving force. The Democrats, pushing democracy, are to be ignored. The Supreme Court of the USA is a mini-usa. ‘We are the court of law, not politics’, but every decision is based on the Republicans vs the Democrats, hence politics.

The lowering of life expectancy is a result of Republican policies. The poor needing work which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. The poor needing education which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. The poor needing health care which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. No gun control is a Republican policy. Covid spread is because of Republican policy. Segregation is an implied Republican policy, but active in schooling.

The USA is being hated throughout the world. Yes, we need their trade. But the hate is building. Republicans rule the USA and are making this easier to accomplish. The Republicans are marching the path of China and Russia. In China and Russia, it is not the man on the street who is marching. In the USA it is 50% of the population doing the marching. The man on the street is the threat in the USA and a threat to morality.

I am thinking that the United Nations is no longer useful. I think that the countries not mentioned above should start thinking outside the USA box.

Our Pollution

My latest pet project. This is an indoor ‘shadow box’ style unit with a baffled 2000 lumen LED focused using lenses to become a beam. It sees clouds of pollution. The first half of the video  above shows a pretty standard home. OK, mine has carpeting. I left the cooling fan off, so you just see the floating  dust in silence. And when I walk around on my carpet, the ‘dust’ becomes a fog too dense to see through.

I used my best hyper-hepa filter outside the room for the second half of the video. The video is not as clear as when actually seeing it, for there is a beam, a lightening of the air just a bit, that has particles too small to see. This is down in the 10 micron range. The fan is on, for the LED would otherwise burn up and the lenses melt or crack. And it brings in the room air at a higher speed.

Our outside air is like the first half of the video, except worse, much worse. This is the air that we consider ‘outdoor’ and safe air. No wonder we get asthma! Opening windows does not bring in clean air!

Why Canada Border Tests Everyone for Covid.

(From one of my Excel spreadsheets, this is the formula for covid.)
1)	300	people with infection, of which 30 are recognized. All of these are infectious.
3)	1	infected person mixes with others for 10 days during infection. This seems to be typical.
4)	0.01	chance that an infected person can infect one other in 3 hours per day of interactions.
5)	20	people in the general population involved with the infected person per day.
6)		(This is the sort of assumption that most nay sayers will argue about. It doesn't matter.)
7)		Ignore a person who stays inside. These are balanced by sales/frontline people.
8)		Daily  formula. There are A1 infected people in various states within in their infected period in the population.
9)		SO: within a day, A1 meets A5 people for 3 hours per day. But A4 is the ratio of infection from the A1 group.
10)		AND A1*A5*A4 is a daily chance of another person getting infected by all of those people the 300 group met.
11)	60	people will get infected a day.
But the 300 people are always different people. Some are just getting infected and some just coming out of the infectious state. If there were no new people being infected, the 10 day grouping goes away in 10 days, getting fewer each day in a linear fashion. The only way to keep the A1 population of infectious people constant, the average of the 'no new people' has to be refurbished to A1 as a group, divided by two (ten day average with 0 new), then split along the 10 days as a constant per day.
Thus, A1 divided by 2 divided by 10 is the stable inputting of newly infected people on average into the A1 constant-people count.
15	daily newly infected people are needed to keep stability. We are 4x that.

The A11 group is too large and will cause an increase in future A1's.
To reduce this, Row 3, infected person mixing is dependant on TESTING and thus removing some of the 10 days of mixing but this is less than perfect since we do not test everyone every day.
OR the Row5, reducing the interaction with others directly affects the A11 formula.
But the .01 chance of infecting another in each 3 hours per contact with that person is controllable by masks and social distancing and limited numbers allowed close to each other.
Now, in Ontario, we got down to about the 300 people in our population of 10 million. This has nothing to do with our population. The infected people might be in a trillion population, but the same expansion will result. It is just more noticeable if the population is smaller, like our town of 35000. That would be called a hot spot. 300 in Ontario is 300/10,000,000. That sounds like .003% active cases and is really good, but it is increasing exponentially under our present methods of control. 10 days of change to the methods can stop that increase. But only keeping the best protection policies can slow the spread until vaccination rates improve and  keep improving and the world improving. Any 300 infected people per week coming by boat, train, car or plane just destroys the benefit all of our protections. The population of the world has to be .003% actively infected in their travelling population: impossible, and we will still increase exponentially.

Today, Nov 15,2021, Canada is .06% (Ontario is doing better)
The USA is 2.5%. UK is 2.3%, 
You see now why we are not going to get rid of the Covid. The rest of the world is not getting rid of it. No matter how good we get, people arrive in Canada from other countries. NZ now knows this truth. This is why each person at the border has to be tested. Vaccination rates are not 80% vs 90%. They are the unvaccinated rate that counts 20% vs 10%. Other countries are not willing or able to accomplish  this 2:1 infection effect.

We are the Worst Polluter per person!

Paradigm Shift:

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a White Horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

An article today: Canada will need a Covid test to be done prior to landing in Canada. But that test has to be done by a trusted country. People from Africa, and obviously any other country affected by the new Omicron strain, will have to stop over in another country to get tested. Is this our world? Is this the level we have dropped toward? Are we falling to the Four Horsemen? Is this The Pestilence?

"So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine' " (Revelation 6:5–6).

There was an old world, and now there is something different. The pre-Trump era created a world of hate and mistrust. Then they voted Trump in. And he was just what they wanted. The Paradigm shift was happening when the rich replaced democracy… Lobbyists paid for their demands to be met. Even Russia, it seems, followed suit. Morality had been redefined in this Paradigm Shift. Politicians only have ‘paper’ morality. And the world is turning and twisting to the politicians. This also is the pillar of the Four Horsemen.

"Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword" (Revelation 6:4).

I mention Trump, only as an exemplar of the problem. He was the arguably most powerful person in the world, and we saw a hint of his effect. Power started working on him and he followed the power. He was created by the pre-Trump hate and tuned himself for the applause. Morality is no longer involved in the New World. There is only the ‘towing’ to he who will win.

"So I looked, and behold, a Pale Horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth" (Revelation 6:8).

Politicians were initially volunteers. They did not get rich from being a politician. They became more famous, which was enough. The bureaucrats levelled the playing field like a lead metal lining around a fission bomb. This is no longer the case. It didn’t take the pandemic to make this obvious. It was digital social media and news reporting. We are killing ourselves from within. The 4 horses of the apocalypse are within us.


4 Dimensions

I had a dream.. again on how to get away from monsters. I would just jump into a 4th dimension (not time). And of course, I woke up.

It’s like this. In a flat world, that is a sheet of paper, there are 2 dimensions. We in the 3 dimensional world would and could and can see that sheet of paper without being in that paper.

The flat sheet is the 2 dimension’ed universe for those living in it. We in the 3 dimensions can probably pull and bend that sheet, and the occupants of the paper would have no idea that we were doing this.

Interesting. I could be a dot of matter in that 2 dimensions and interact with the rest of the occupants of that world. I am in the 3 dimensions, but being in the sheet, I am not a normal 2-dimension occupant. So, at any whim,  I just jump out.. a very short distance and the occupants would no longer see me. I can see them, being in the 3 dimensions and I can travel outside of their universe. If their sheet is wrinkled or bent, I can ‘quickly’ move faster than those occupants and appear in a totally different part of their universe.

My dream is so totally possible. The next dimension up from ours can have humans and there can be a space that we, special occupants of the next universe, can disappear to.

AI vs Real Life

I read a news article “is AI going to make our decisions?”

Yes: this was a question on a news station. AI, for the masses. Lists and Money. AI has the answer…

AI Decision Maker: The ‘program’ needs input.. data.
AI operates with expected outcomes and time/energy/money/organizing, to get those…
Our presentation to AI would be on a calendar with today as the beginning.
AI has to be updated at the correct intervals to show new data.
AI will present the calendar for you with the data for viewing. As days inch forward, AI will paint colours.
A proper AI will expect you to fail since you are acutally letting it in to your activities.
So you can put the calendar in a different perspective at will, to make it less disappointed.
It is the human thing to do.
AI was told to be invasive, to reach out.

Data ‘expectations’
Projects not finished: Last week, Last month, Last year
For Each: Cost in money, cost in time, direct time involved once started.
For Each: Important completion for the next day, week, month, year.
For Each: Changes to normal living as happening low, medium, large.
For each: Good feeling levels after completion: low, medium, great.
For each: Energy required personnly needed for this project.
For each: Reliability of the processing being well done; variable low to high.
For each: Can be done alone or need others at the same time or others eventually.
For each: Your feelings on procastination
For each: Your stated obligation

Data ‘categories’
food Shopping
windows and shades
cob webs
carpet washing
contacts with others
things in the way of hobbies
things in the way of sports
things in the way of getting fit
things in the way of losing weight
things that are degrading and falling apart
things that are getting dangerous to use or keep
things that really need a total makeover
replacements as needed
things to throw out
moving stuff not used enough to used all the time
parties and social gatherings to do

Done properly, AI will make you feel better every day. Some programmer somewhere entered that measure.
Or done improperly, AI will make the red colours on the calender bunch up on some days to inflame you.
Then AI will give you the carrot the next day.
It is the jumman thing to do.
AI defined jumman. Hope you don't mind.

Our Future World

This Russian attack on a democratic country is the end of the world as we know it. The step was made and the thing is done.

Some might call it WW3, played out in a modern way. Like robot vs robot, the winners and losers are unknown except through the suffering populations.

The WW3 future is different than our past. The modern world is like no other time in history.

We can’t just wait for the physical warfare. We have to respond in paradigm shift black-hole style. It takes a second to remove any financial communications in the world. Internet cables across the oceans. Satellite destruction. All these things are instananeous. It has to be done. The future is electronic and rebuilding is required.

Regardless of the outcome of this, Russia and China and Belarus and even India will have to find new ways to maintain an economy, for they won’t get it from others. Shunning is the start of a new world order. They wanted this, the Russians, but they did it in the wrong century. China has only a few months to save itself from being stained.

We have to determine that we will lose much to isolate Russia and friends, but we must have the willingness to do this. Like the environment, some will suffer more in climate remediation. The alternative is massive armed war.

The ‘rest of the world’ must now act with full force. The Russian Internet equipment and all satellites allowing data, finances and personal communication must be cut off. Satellite warfare has to be created. The most powerful telescope beyond the moon has to be directed at Russia. There has to be ‘air’ control around the Russian border and these tools have to be massive and modern. Shipping must use AI to keep track of the Black Market. This is what constant air power can provide. Satellites have to be more invasive. Mining of the Black Sea has to be considered and kept modern and protected. The Arctic must be declared free and untouchable by the UN and Air power created to support this. Monitoring is the new weapon and isolation is the new punishment. The UN must sluff off Russia and it’s friends. Then the UN has to be a military power.

I will bet that whatever Russians believe, they will personally never ever be able to enter other countries again.

The world order has met its inflection point.. unless Russia submits to total defeat and allows it’s military to be shut down.

Since the world doesn’t believe any of the above, it is the end of the world as we know it.