Ron’s Page

This is a Family Page for me. My children and close relatives live in Ontario Canada. We have others in Michigan, nephews once removed. And Canada has more as we have spread out. My ancestral line comes from England. My links to the 1600’s there are on but I don’t support The Other Pateys there any more..

The Family History page shows our present family here from Georgetown, near Toronto, then other recent stuff and then some of the historical stuff. The PDF of our military ancestry in Great Britain is included and a good read.

I have done paintings, more done after Sandy passed away in 2010. And I have decided to start again.. my new eye surgery has helped me to see colours better! The My Paintings has a nice little video at the bottom of my better efforts.

SO this site is firstly, the photos gathered from our holidays. Personally and on business, I have to been to about 48 countries. These photos are basically from after year 2000, since digital became the thing. They are haphazardly placed, which makes life more interesting. I have painted a few landscapes from these.

AND this site is for the paintings, most of which are here, and this is a hobby. I have given most of them away, and filled the garage with the failures.. or just not perfect. Some are on my walls.

A picture of a thousand words  But I keep adding stuff, like this.

And, the web searches always, for me, show the Wikipedia for

Thomas McNamara Russell.. I made it big.

He is an ancestor. His daughter, a beautiful girl, married a handsome Patey in the 1800’s. 

He may be our link to the infamous Russells in England. 

Sandy and I have been in a lot of places on holidays. This is Namibia.