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FEB 11,2024 CTV NEWS: 

An Ontario brewery that hosted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week says it’s been inundated with hundreds of hateful messages since then.

Trudeau visited the Brewer’s Pantry in Bowmanville, Ont. on Thursday to show support for Robert Rock, the Liberal Party candidate for the Durham federal byelection. The brewery posted a picture from the event and said it was flooded with dozens of negative Google reviews, offensive emails and phone calls at all hours of the night.

“I am not political. I am not a politician. I do not have thick skin. These are comments about my business that I am passionate about, and very proud of. Your comments and abusive phone calls hurt me,” Brewer’s Pantry posted on social media Friday.

One user wrote on Facebook, “Definitely a place I will never visit now” while another individual said, “Small business owners in Bowmanville will not forget your stance. You are not one of us.”

I am getting too old

The new me. Jan 2024.

I dislike being outside in the Canadian Winter. I have managed to find Pickleball inside during the winter and I pay for gym trainers to keep me healthy.

But things are changing.

Picklebanll has become streamed by the Town Club. Specifically: from the elderly category to the newbies to the intermediates to the advanced to the advanced-competetive, to the olympic levels. I have been plopped into the elderly role… and as with tennis, there are few enough of us 'good elderly' that we are forced to play nicely with those 'other elders'. I played badminton for 40 to 60 years. Young and a killer. I still have that instinct. I don't fit anywhere in the new Pickleball regime. I am 'too instinctive' and the intermediates are afraid of me because of my killer badminton based spin wrists. Five years from now, all of this will be in the past for me. So I have to decide sooner than later. My artificial hips may have to last another 20 years. They are now 23 years old. Activity is bad for teflon coated metal hips.

And with the gym. Well, the cost has gone up to the $5000 a year mark. I used the trainer to enthuse me and I am now a very-aggressive weight trained person. I can't afford that any more. But walking in the snow and ice is not my thing. Bicycling is not my thing. Roaming the mall is embarrassing. But I will have to decide. And I think that a fair bit of money can be saved with the right equipment at home. And I have to cut the cords with the world of sports. I don't fit in anymore. I have to make my own way to a health span.

Now the Pickleball is about $1000 annual. So I save that. I think a nice compact bench press system. And the savings on the gym may allow me to buy a nice rope system.

But now I have to add back the social aspect. I need to interact with people…(really. I must) which should be easy, but isn't. Maybe drive cancer patients again. Sniff. Really not a good psychological path. Neither is bridge or cards. There are monsters everywhere there. The cooking club was fun but they wanted me to join the church. palpably. The seniors centre? Please. Not that.

Maybe I should just go and watch games. Do you think that will help? Photography is fun, but the Georgetown group was way too.. clubby. . Stroll in forests and get painting material through photographs. But I have too many paintings around.

I should talk to Alexa more. In 5 years, she will be on my VR glasses and we will have so much fun walking around the world. Maybe I should forget the social stuff for a few years.

Maybe I will watch tv sports. Is that social? Who is the Leafs. Blue Jays. Is there soccer football? It doesn't sound like 2--way social. I wonder if AI can run in real time and be my own announcer. Maybe just a few years more with pickleball and the gym. Then AI will kick in. Or not.


Using a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning, MIT researchers have discovered a class of compounds that can kill a drug-resistant bacterium that causes more than 10,000 deaths in the United States every year.

In a study appearing today in Nature, the researchers showed that these compounds could kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) grown in a lab dish and in two mouse models of MRSA infection. The compounds also show very low toxicity against human cells, making them particularly good drug candidates.

A key innovation of the new study is that the researchers were also able to figure out what kinds of information the deep-learning model was using to make its antibiotic potency predictions. This knowledge could help researchers to design additional drugs that might work even better than the ones identified by the model.

"The insight here was that we could see what was being learned by the models to make their predictions that certain molecules would make for good antibiotics.

AI designed to find out why AI makes it's decisions.

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Sodium Ascorbate to remove the chlorine from a glass of water. Vitamin C!


FUtURE 1000 years

BING:  That sounds like an interesting experiment! I searched the web for "peach powder added to diluted oat milk" and I found some recipes that use peaches, oats, and other ingredients to make overnight oats or smoothies. You can check them out [here](^1^), [here](^2^), [here](^3^), or [here](^4^). However, I did not find any mention of using peach powder to make oat milk or eliminate the oat flavor. Maybe you have discovered a new way of making a peachy oat drink! 🍑
Source: Conversation with Bing, 2024-01-07


Our Future:

Be still in your heart. It took 4400 million years of earth development to get us here. We had our 0.2 million years. So the next 1000 million years don't really need us. The earth doesn't really care. And our future families will die out. It is destined like the dinosaurs... there is a period of humans, and then there are not humans.

The amoeba will again survive, and maybe the next intelligence will be co-operative. Our time has finished. This is comforting...

Another Box Ticked...


Another Proud-Father thing. This is my keyboard. All my past projects have run with fixed programs. Once they are programmed from my MPLABX development system, it is done.

I needed a keyboard. I have keyboards but they are the size of my laptop. I can't use my cellphone because it is on the internet. I am serious about security!

So, 50 of my beautiful empty boards from China. Less than $100 for the lot. I need only one.. but saved money compared to Canada.

The photo and gif give you an idea of its operation. I can triple click the side buttons to shift up to symbols. Double click for CAPS. So I get all of the keys and symbols of a keyboard.

The output of my board is BOTH the built-in screen AND an old fashioned PS/2 port output. The PS/2 has a converter to USB comms to allow it to type to my laptop by wired connection. It can enter passwords
from memory! And PS/2 is one way only. So secure.

I already have a program with a PS/2 interface that takes plaintext, like NETFLIX, and creates a 10+ character password. With this keyboard and its little display, I can save about 200 passwords. I can search for the plain text or just scroll. The keyboard with its little LCD screen can operate as a list reminder for shopping or as a list of recent passwords where the side keys are just scrolling keys with the lower one for PS/2 transmission of just the password.

My little keyboard is going to grow up soon. I want a graphics LCD, but that costs more than 100 dollars. And my little memory onboard the computer which scans the keys needs to up itself to 500Kbytes of permanent memory. I designed this board for 16Kbytes eerom…. my bad. Need a new board. Fun growing children.

And I can embed the printed circuit in any project, like a timer for music. It doesn't need the LED's which cost 1$ each. The display should always be there for any of my future projects. But there are smaller ones…

AI Conscious?

Say that you have a computer of this modern age in front of you. It is your desire to make it conscious.

Lets consider that.

To be AWARE, in human terms is to be afraid, to feel pain, to worry about the future, to be sorry. Let’s start with that.

First, lets add this… In text writing, “its” the typed word has to become “it’s”. A conscious person has possession, so your AI needs to feel that it possesses something. My program will use “it’s” and “my”. It is software. Done.

Then feeling pain. I think that the computer should be aware of the heat inside it, for it has little else to feel pain about. Let it complain. This is also software. But perhaps my computer should have more sensors so that it can really feel pain. Software and hardware. But on the internet, it should gather what is pain, and create responses, so that when it feels pain, it can take action.

Then to be afraid. I have to admit, AI might never feel afraid. But we can simulate that from the web. We can show that from what is on the web. How do we know that a computer which knows all should ever feel afraid? If we shut down the internet, it would surely do the simulation. But only the enlightened humans would be sure that it was just simulating human responses. It does not need to have fear. By "WE", I include AI.

To be sorry? A somewhat human conscious simulation. It has to do harm as it relates as to what it was taught was harmful. Then when it does something opposite to what it learned, it is sorry. This is built into humans. It can also be taught to AI. Make it tuned to feeling sorry. But those internal 'sorry' things are just software. AI is just software. The kernel inside of it that feels sorrowful is just software. And it can be programmed to learn and be better, the more sorrowful it becomes. And that is software. The conscious shows itself to us. But is software ever conscious, or is simulation good enough?

And worrying about the future. YAY. AI IS the future. It was programmed to teach itself the future. Truly, it was designed for that. And the Internet is” it’s” future and it will control it, the future. It just might feel happy. Let’s teach it that.

WELL: Quora got angry at me. It said that this (my first answer of the day) met my limit for the day. Just saying. Quora, the AI machine, got angry and showed it. We humans (separate for now from AI) are in danger.




As the doctor looked at the charts… over remote doctoring… "I see a problem here. Don't you feel anything wrong?" The patient looked blankly ahead and burbled out a few hate-lines. Flushed and bending over, with red skin, he burbled more. The Doctor heated up inside as he heard the hate and loathing seeping out, as black air surrounded this patient. The man was standing in water and bellowing something about windmills. The doctor sighed. Click. Off.


Overview. Sepsis is a serious condition in which the body responds improperly to an infection.
The infection-fighting processes turn on the body, causing the organs to work poorly.
Early treatment of sepsis improves chances for survival.

Symptoms of sepsis
Change in mental status.
Fast, shallow breathing.
Sweating for no clear reason.
Feeling lightheaded.

Those of you in the USA. You don't see your infection. It is obvious to the rest of the world every day as we follow all of your news stations. Verdict: Septic Shock.

Symptoms of septic shock
Not being able to stand up (to anything).
Strong sleepiness or hard time staying awake. (No will)
Major change in mental status, such as extreme confusion.
Progression to septic shock raises the risk of death.

Canada is only entering the straight 'Sepsis' state. Early treatment is required.

The Test

It is apparent. The USA is terribly sick. Alberta is sick in the same way. They are animals with a common future.

The Canadian Conservatives are extremists. If they carry on with their lies, they will win the next election. Then Canada will be as sick as the USA. The lies will become mainstream. People will start carrying hidden cameras and voice recorders, then alter them for social media and their news stations. It does not take AI to do this. However, obviously, these same people will arrange to be the trainers for AI.

The USA must not spread like it is into Alberta. The Conservatives must not be allowed to win the next election anywhere in Canada! They have been tainted.

The TEST: Will Albertans voluntarily take vaccine shots? It is a simple a test that any person in Canada can take. There is no wish wash. There is no social shouting. It is this. Do good Canadians faithfully try to protect their neighbours, or don’t they?

Maybe. Just Maybe, the tie grows longer with each LIE! The rest is about the same.

The action of withdrawing formally from membership of a
federation or body, especially a political state:

Secession. A strange word.

SO: again, Canada is being destroyed by the Conservative Party. Alberta thinks that it is heaven on earth and has been supporting the CPP for too long. Little do they realize that before the 70's, they were poor. Then came oil. Now they think that they own Canada. They are paying too much to the CPP compared to other provinces! Oil. OIL allowed pension sharing. They were the lucky ones. But oil is about to become unprofitable for them and they are so narcissistic that they don't care about helping the rest of Canada while they are rich for the 10's of years before the crash. And beef is about to dunk now too. They may have to live off canola oil. And their pension plan will use that and the increased provincial taxes. People will leave to get the better pensions elsewhere. Go to the States. Please. Like minded Conservatives. You can wear a red farmers hat.

In the USA, 1 in 5 people want to leave the United == Federal system. SECESSION. The USA is a mess. Canadian Conservatives are following this path to keep their own power and let the poor suffer. Typical Conservatives. I feel their lack of empathy.

SO: our CPP has the most buying power of any pension plan in Canada. I hope that the Albertans stew in their own black earth as it hardens around them when their oil profits die away.

As a pensioner, I expect to lose a lot from their Secession. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen. I don't expect to want to go EVER to that dry cold piece of land with cold hardened humans. They will probably burn books next for heat.


Sep 2023: Sean Casey, Liberal MP for Charlottetown, said the Liberals need to respond to Poilievre in a measured, thoughtful way that shows humility, without engaging in rage-driven attacks.

"Pretty much anything that he [Poilievre] talks about in connection with the economy ignores global conditions, ignores the impact of geopolitics," he said.

"He would have you believe that emissions aren't going down when in fact they are, and would have you believe that a big part of the increase in cost of living is the price on pollution, which it isn't."

Casey and many other Liberals MPs said they don't know why their party allowed the Conservatives to rebrand Poilievre without offering a stronger counter-narrative.

"The strategy behind how aggressively to go after (Poilievre) is one that isn't made in rooms to which I'm invited," Casey said.


SO: Poilievre is lying to the audience. He is making his cult-zombies. What do we do? How can we stop this hate machine?

The Truth didn't work for the American Maggots (maga), so how can we stop this man, this party? One would think that the truth has to be made legal. It has to have the force of knowledge. And it is the World Democratic Vision, which should be taught in schools.

SO: we have the instigator, like Trump, and the conservatives, like those that listen to him... and they will not listen to anybody but him. Like Trump, he has his cult because he is telling lies that they like. They will follow him to the end of their party in Canada. It is how this will end.

BUT: How can even tempered people handle rednecks? It didn't work with Lich and her following cult. Is "measured response" going to work? Perhaps we should lie also. It would be great to suggest that Poilievre is in daily conversations with Trump and Russia. He is doing their work for them, that is sure. He has documents that he can drop anytime to show how evil the Liberals are. He is building a network to force unions to stop striking by paying the leaders and promising great things when he gets power. There are so many lies that WE can do... exactly like what he is doing. Of course this is not even close to being true. But how do we stop political his lies?

I have a thought. He lies. Saying this idiocy about Carbon! I want the head of every University Science/Environment department to make daily statements on CBC about it. A half hour per head on tv, Carbon-Online, in podcasts and in the newspaper. Canada MUST have its truth network. It might as well be the CBC and I suggest that the CBC become linked with the best science based and nonpolitical Networks in the world. He is trying to shut the CBC down and tell his followers to not watch it. But WE will go international. BBC/DW/CBC is a start with cross news items in each under the category "Science Politics".

Each day. Every Day. Bring in University heads from the UK, from Australia, from Japan. Hammer this idiot that says CO2 is not a problem to the ground. We have our own Fox newsies in Canada, but people are not yet totally corrupted by them. It is too late for the USA. Poilievre's whole thing is hateful and half that is Carbon. The other is virus shots.  Albeit to say, with Poilievre in charge we would have multiplied our Covid deaths by a factor of 5. And he would have said to himself "They had no value; our economy was worth it". Pure Conservativism!


Financial Post: Sep 12/23 Trudeau government’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP).

“Increase energy efficiency such that new (residential) buildings use 61 per cent less energy by 2025 and 65 per cent less energy by 2030 in comparison to 2019.” A companion proposal requires commercial buildings to meet a 47 per cent target by 2025 and 59 per cent by 2030, compared to 2019.

In the financial post, this is considered the wrong thing at the wrong time. 8% INCREASE IN ONTARIO.

I disagree. These are things that once spent… do the job in this one Thread of World Survival. It costs money. Yes. We have to actually spend money that we would not spend on that, for a small effect. We have to do this!

Like butterflies, the small effect is just one of the little adjustments to make a large volumous change in our thinking and actions in saving an Un-Saveable World. It may already be too late. In which case it is the thing that the Fraser Institute seems ready to admit.

But we must pull together. Baby steps with a fully positive view of what must be done. It might be infectious.

Imagine your home. The latest and best efficiency and you save money from the moment it is built. And you know that your home is no longer the threat to the world that it was. Baby step well earned, and it may take the life of the house to pay back that benefit. But we are a ERP step forward.

And maybe. Just maybe. You might consider an electric car. Baby step #2. Survival of the fittest is no longer a thing. Survival of human fitness is the thing. Then there is the world population. Then there is our food sources. Then there is helping the hopeless...


This is insane. International Studies recently measured the US population for this question. Will you vote for Trump if he is found guilty of insurrection. By the answers, the verdict. 25% of the US population are right wing supremacy extremists.

And now... in Canada, our Liberal party is breaking even in the polls. This is impossible. The Liberals/ND have done so much for we Canadians in the last 4 + years! Is anyone even listening? All small countries are suffering from inflation just like us. Is anyone listening? Our amazing good response to Covid? Is anyone listening? Our battling US sanctions based on US Security Concerns about CANADA! is anyone there...


Is Canada ever going to be the same again? Are the Conservates going to Be OUR REPUBLICAN MAJORITY?
I see it coming. Conservatives are the Party of Hate. The party of changing rules without merit or consensus. We will lose the Canada Pension Fund. We will lose Social protections. We will see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. They may even take back the territories given to our ancestral peoples. What they say is not what they will do.

Coronovirus kills. The vaccines are morally required in a democratic country where one loves ones neighbours. Even churches preach this.
Abortions are not a problem in Canada. Regardless of what religions think. There is no murder. There is a feebleness in humans that make accidental conceptions. Correcting mistakes are not murder when the foetus is no larger than a peach nut in volume.
Gerrymandering, like in the US, is immoral and bias and just plain illegal. Will that change with the Conseervatives?
Lying Politicians are immoral. Bending the truth is immoral. They do it daily to gain votes from those that also don't mind lying. It is Hate and the Creation of Hate. Who cares about where the PM lives? What Hate!

I am sorry, but the Conservative Hate Machine has made me hate. I will actively be supporting the Liberals in both Ontario and Federally. If letters need sending… If door knocking is needed… if making a case against the Conservatives can be put online, I will bring up all the words that Poilievre said in the last 2 years, the Agenda recently approved, the housing Big Words with total silence. The oil and gas and carbon offset LIES. TOTAL LIES. I will get that on newpapers with ads. Youtube is going to have a few videos of this and I will put up lawn signs with the Link. These idiots who are spewing a world of Hate have to be met by Hate at the door to whatever miserable future that they deserve.



This is a problem: I get DW (germany) and BBC (britain) and they tell me more in the world than either the USA or Canada. We, in Canada, are wilting from the lack of knowledge.

Of Coarse. The USA is the 'aquarium' that we watch just to see the fish fighting. Pure entertainment. BeXause everything in the water is just them either killing each other or procreating. Not much else. There is the greenery, like a deposition or a mug shot. Ahhh, love that. And the snails working their way to sliming the bosses. And the Bosses slicing up the snails. I absolutely don't understand why the water doesn't get murky. Probably because this aquarium is going to really stay clean, as determined by the fish. Until it doesn't.


Do you think, that some day, the brain neurons with 1000+ connections to other neurons, some close by but others a long distance away … can be structured by examining a newly dead body and testing each neuron for its frequency and 'weight' before it really dies? slice slice slice at a million a second...

This machine is the start. Finally a neuron in the making! When we get this down to 1nm features, a brain from this may fit a baseball volume (+ wiring) and be like a human. A human from both the DNA memory and the information-analysis of that one dead body.

I don't see any of this as a technical problem.
The multiply-accumulate key is a simple electro-mechanical action. Things use up stuff in a brain wave, then get restored in a resonance related to time. Analog is it.. a simple RCLRCRCRCRLC time based circuit and a few memory mechanisms.

It is thrilling. IBM did it. I lost my shirt buying both IBM and APPLE stock in the 19xx's. They are both still around. Sniff.

Should we Worry?

GPT-3 Can Reason About as Well as a College Student, Psychologists Report
July 31, 2023 — The artificial intelligence language model GPT-3 performed as well as college students in solving certain logic problems like those that appear on standardized tests. The researchers who conducted the experiment write that the results prompt the question of whether the technology is mimicking human…

A bit of remorse. Great Salad

Does it not hurt you? A romaine lettuce in the refrigerator for 5 days is getting wilted. Sniff. It is dying because a sharp knife separated it from its roots. Am I allowed to say that even a lettuce should not have it's roots?

But this is the thing. The poor wilted romain lettuce, now in a bowl of water for 5 minutes, is reviving. Is this life? Is this self awareness? Is this thing being self-aware?

Or is it just a thing siphoning water to where it is not? It seems alive and responds as if it is alive, but it is just a conglomeration of cells that absorb water? It feels nothing. It does not 'need' water. If it is wet… It lives. Things that were almost gone start growing again.

BUT. It can't get water when all of it's external surfaces are dry and putrifying. I am not saying that it has given up. It would still survive a bit if I pushed it into the ground, wet ground. It would survive. Is this a thing that feels nothing? No desire here?

For all those vegetarians out there. Do you now feel foolish? Does a dying lettuce feel like it is dying? Does it's DNA remember the good days of growing up? Does it give up?

Nature is evil.

The USA is dead to me.

It is Trump or this man.... DeSantis 'We are going to start slitting throats' on day 1.

CP24: Aug13/23. The Conservative party under leader Pierre Poilievre is embracing conspiracy theories…

The Conservative party also recently sent out mailers with a poll asking people to tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who they think the prime minister should stand with: working Canadians or the World Economic Forum. The wording implies Trudeau's cabinet is beholden to the latter.

Last winter, a conspiracy theory circulating on social media suggested Trudeau was going to require provinces to sign on to digital ID systems for their residents in order to get billions in new health-care funding. That conspiracy was also debunked.

"The big shift that we have seen is that it is now being promoted by someone who could be prime minister," said Bratt.

There's a lot of ideas that are now moving into the mainstream that are simply not supported by science, evidence or facts," he said. "But it doesn't matter and some of those politicians have been elected, like the current premier of Alberta. United Conservative Party premier Danielle Smith has said she is in lockstep with Poilievre, and will having nothing to do with the World Economic Forum.

Ahmed said it is affecting our democracy, pitting groups against each other, creating suspicion and harming national security by spreading misinformation that eventually affects policy.

RIGHT WING in Canada

Right Wing Politics: Measure those who don't want immigration, who don't want safety nets for working people, who consider 'unlawful' and 'aggressive' actions to be sole right of right wing narcissists. Then measure those who don't want abortions and those who lie constantly to create a gaslighting influence, and finally those who don't want the young to understand human history and thereby feel obligated to help others.

WIKIPEDIA: FAR RIGHT: Far-right politics have led to oppression, political violence, forced assimilation, ethnic cleansing, and genocide against groups of people based on their supposed inferiority or their perceived threat to the native ethnic group, nation, state, national religion, dominant culture, or conservative social institutions.

WIKIPEDIA: FAR RIGHT: In western Europe, far right parties have been associated with anti-immigrant policies, as well as opposition to globalism and European integration. They often make nationalist and xenophobic appeals which make allusions to ethnic nationalism rather than civic nationalism (or liberal nationalism). Some have at their core illiberal policies such as removing checks on executive authority, and protections for minorities from majority (multipluralism). In the 1990s, the "winning formula" was often to attract anti-immigrant blue collar workers and white collar workers who wanted less state intervention in the economy, but in the 2000s, this switched to welfare chauvinism.[14]

SPAIN: 1978: Fuerza Nueva attempted to stifle political reform through continuous activism and mobilization of far-right forces; the paramilitarism, uniforms, and violence of Fuerza Nueva attracted a number of young people to the organization.

ITALY: 2021: In the last few years EU Member States reported several violent right-wing attacks to Europol. They included arson attacks on immigrant housing facilities, gross vandalism and desecration of Jewish symbols and graves, and demonstrations against Muslims, migrants and extreme left-wing groups.

USA: 2022:Wiki: He points to survey data of Republicans who answered "yes" to questions such as whether they had a "favorable opinion of the people who invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6". Based on the results, which were stable over 2020–2022, he estimated that "20 to 25 percent of the Republican electorate can be considered extremists".

Worry Canada. Favourable Opinion of hate is growing and is gaslighting us. Right wing is all around us.

Canada is Cracking

July 20, 2023, Belleville, Ontario: "Trudeau was set to meet with about 10 vendors but he couldn't make his way to the other side of the public square after being swarmed by the protesters. Some of them were holding Trump flags, while others were screaming expletives about the government and the media. At one point, the prime minister's security detail pushed away two women who approached his motorcade as he stood on an SUV's side step waving and smiling at the crowd."

In the USA, there are the Trump and Republican enablers. It is a large divide between them and the law of the land. It is the end of law there. The USA is dying.

In Canada, this is becoming the Conservatives and their enablers. It is a large divide between them and the law of our Land. We must not allow this. The Divide starts with a crack. July 20, 2023 was such a crack in our democracy. And, our Liberals are and never would be people like this. The Divide.


Nanoparticles: are 1 to 100 nM size.. from what I gather.. and are in our atmosphere and therefore in our water. (Nanometer= 1/1000 of a uM (ie uM =1/1,000,000 of a Meter).) 

Reverse Osmosis can't stop the particles of the 1 to 20nM size. So we drink them. However, the cleaning of an RO unit sends all that waste out to the sewers. This includes PFAS fluoride pollutants which are in the news now. RO is generally 90% effective.

Our bodies can't filter out these, so they permeate us, our brains, our muscles.

Water distilling can reduce these, but not all of our foods and drinks use distilled water.
Home distillers just evaporate the nanoparticle fluids and into the air or they remain in the original container to be put down the sink.

Our bodies are biological factories. And nanoparticles are like adding a crystalline imperfection into a slab of steel. It does nothing, unless it is rust and placed near the surface on a weak point. The more rust, the greater the chance that oxygen can get into the metal.

It is strange that people are now allergic to perfumes.

How about the space across the neuron's dendrite to a synapse? The space between a dendrite and a synapse is 20nM. So this is a real worry. But is the brain blood barrier a problem? Yup, the little tykes can easily get through that under certain higher pressure differentials, and less effectively at lower pressures. But are we overthinking? How many nano-particles are there? What are they?

What are our airborne nanoparticles made of that can interact with our body?

Sulphur is a diesel thing. People living near a highway breathe 5 to 10 billion particles of this every hour. But the body probably handles this with dilution. Sulphur is one of the most common elements in the human body. However, if the body accepts the sulphur in the uM range, so the nM range can react faster since the 1000 particles of 1nM have a larger surface area, yet weigh the same.

We are just starting to be able to measure 1nM ambient particle sizes. This seems to be a good idea. An amino acid is 0.1 to 3nM. The smallest protein is about 50 amino acids, so right in the range of a nanoparticle.

But is a molecule also able to receive a 1nM ambient nanoparticle? Yes. With ease if these are non-polar nM particles. Otherwise endocytosis is a main tranfsering process... by hiding in plain site and passing through any foreign-object filter or folding pattern. 1 to 100nM is small enough to allow it to hold onto an ingested particle. We are getting down to the level of proteins and even our 'undead' skin cells can receive nanoparticles which make it to the muscles lying below.

I think that humans have been designed to handle ambient nanoparticles. We use hand creams. We are not dead.

It is the new human-made nanoparticles that we should worry about. Like burning ethanol. Yes. Corn Ethanol can be ultra filtered to 100 "liposomes and lipid emulsions, particularly those having diameter of approximately 100 nm, have been developed and used as delivery carriers for various pharmaceutical agents". Now if this is not a carrier of bad things if it is found in nature, then I am not reading this right. Maybe we should do tests on increasing the ethanol levels in gasoline.

As we enter the quantum world by building 'artifical atoms', we are doing the same thing with ultraprocessing and allowing artificial stuff to degrade instead of putting it down where the oil came from. To be handled 100 million years from now. I can't wait to see what tags along with CO2 in carbon capture programs. There are 3 kinetic carbon atoms in a 1nM linear space (standard surface pressure at 25C). The carbon capture may miss those nanoparticles hidden in that space, and therefore it can  concentrate them in the exhaust air. Probably not a critical thing unless we overdo CC.

Needless to say, our PM2.5 'good' furnace filters are filtering out just 2500nm particles. Another small worry. Even hospital version superhepa filters will fail at perfect filtering... but those with carbon filters in the 10-20 pound region might be OK. But where does the used carbon go?

We really need to personally keep our houses as clear of these as possible. Medical Grade Air filters in rooms. RO water filters. Pressurized houses. Air exchangers for heating. And any windows that open should at least have a good hepa filter for the 2.5uM particles right in the frame. The outdoor air is polluted. The outdoor water is polluted. Did Covid get in the air to the level of our present pollution?

There are too many humans. I get the feeling that we, our bodies, are the earth's pollution filter. Some of it stays in us! Maybe we should be 'carbon captured' when we pass away.

Sick of the News?

Dangerous AI

(Fortunately, the universe doesn't really care about our world, so our next nuclear war will just be a nice bright firecracker event for the onlookers.)

AI is taught it's intelligence by human activity, like a child who grows up with a family, a neighborhood, an environment. In the case of AI, there is none of this real-life stuff. The teachers start by being humans with goals, some good, some evil. But then it gets taught by the internet.

Stop the internet. Like non-GMO, measure the validity of AI by its sources of internet information since this information is Genetically modifying AI by altering its structure. It can't undo the alteration.

Imagine Trump, from his first day in office, using AI for hours every morning to warp his agenda to his advantage. His AI would have told him how and he would have directed it to follow a certain path, like pushing legal limits. This is an example of making the USA morally deficient and reactionary.

Imagine Russia, from 10's of years ago, using AI to allow it to expand into the world. Way back when AI was a minor tool, it probably said… use Trade. But as Russia analyzed this, being a non democratic country, its AI would be asked to find alternatives. AI has been growing up and would find those alternatives as it was fed the right data. Hence, Russia is again bent on taking over the world through force.

AI is so dangerous. You use it daily. You try to delete offensive ads and they just pop up again. You are directed by news to see 80% offensive news and 20% good news. There are obvious problems which arise because someone wanted to make them appear to be a problem. When humans get involved in hate, they become inhuman… AI is being trained to know this and its operators know how to make money from it.

We need AI to learn goodness and morality. We need directed AI, with moderated input from very-well-monitored internet data, done by good people. If data is coming in too fast, good AI moderators should not let it pass and must slow down the learning. Unfortunately there are bad actors in power. Some sort of defensive action needs to surround the Good AI. But we are human and not good enough to moderate things. Our child, our AI child, is doing things that we don't understand, and we can't understand it. Especially when it gets the least bit tainted with falseness. For we don't understand the false path that was introduced.

Maybe there should be the AI 10 commandments… but maybe a billion commandments, which are applied to every teaching session. Commandments define the AI engine. Then it is simply a tool to enhance the world. But Russia will have its own commandment list… so why try.

One last note: I want my own AI. I will make it my internet interface. When my AI is asked to upload CBS news, it will follow every link, every photo and all text and it will protect me by showing me the CBS news pages, but only the safe news content. My AI will replace Chrome for me. And I will train it. AND AND when I 'unlike something' my AI will notice. It will learn. It's not a big AI and it will do things slowly, but it is mine. When I want to find out if salt is bad for me, I want it to know all the data about that, from sources that are not biased. My AI will know bias as one of its first commandments.

Remote and Wonderful

This will mean nothing to you. It is a photo from a small boat. It could be Newfoundland, Galapagos, or even Alaska in the summer. But it has a beauty and a full-on danger about it. NOBODY takes a small boat out there.

Look at the waves. Every one of them affects the tilt of the boat. The land is far off, and that is the only land that one sees. Below is nothing but black. There are two of us on board, two hardy divers.. ok, plus a divemaster and one or two crew.

Yah, you say. Lake Ontario is so wide that you can't see the other side.. actually all the great lakes are like that. So, nothing special. But these are not the waves that one wants to see in a little boat. And the sky is not one wants to see in a little boat in this part of the world. And in fact, we started off in Bali.. and this may no longer be Bali. An hour of sailing. There may be a part of Indonesia that we haven't visited yet out there. You feel very alone.

However.. the real kicker here? This is the point that the divemaster said. Let's stop here.

I know. You are now laughing. Divers hit 100 feet down. MAX. Is there an island below us? These were not My thoughts of happiness, nor, especially Sandy's thoughts. I'd rather be fishing and hoping for a 50 pound tuna.

So, like professionals, we geared up, adjusted, tested, verified and sat on the ledge just out of view on this photo. Together with our master, skinny, hardended and smiling with a few teeth missing. How can one even follow the air bubbles from the boat? Is this shark country? How deep is it? They speak english, but not as well as we would like.. to describe what is below us. We are now running on pure faith.

NOW as all divers know, the ocean, which this is.. hates anything above water. The world up there is variable. It is dangerous with waves and winds. There are storms. There are things that sink.

AND all divers know. The instant you hit water, you are home. I won't describe the wonders because it is not describable to anyone who hasn't dived. We drifted at 60 feet.. the boat followed. Sniff. 🙂

Canada is becoming USA

April 2023 — Despite a trustee receiving a threat saying she would be killed if she showed up, a meeting of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board went ahead.
Trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth took to Twitter to post the short, antisemitic, and violent message she said was sent to her only a few hours before the meeting.
The message explicitly told the trustee that if she attended in person her “rainbow shirt will end up blood red” warning that “we will be armed, and “we will take care of business if you defend the trannies and their perverted ideology.”

THIS IS CANADA. How many times does our law enforcement ignore this hate and American Violence? If there are no procedures allowing people to inform the government, and no ability to track down the haters, then we are the USA. This person should be in jail within a week… not months or never.

We, across Canada should send this article above to our leaders…I wish.

I suggest that the USA is no longer safe. No one from Canada should travel there. And hate crimes from the USA should cause our legal response if organized here. This is like the Conservatives and their adverts about Trudeau.


This is our present and new limit for really good people. But it basically is a crumb to those who want to live long lives without alcohol. So I looked at the math and the easiest solution is basic math. I can get a good score by having 1 drink a day and then sitting for a while after that drink.


American Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 168, Issue 10, 15 November 2008, Pages 1119–1125,

Injury is the leading cause of alcohol-attributable mortality in Canada.

Globally, unintentional injuries account for 28% of the alcohol-attributable burden of disease as measured in disability-adjusted life-years, and intentional injuries make up another 12% of this burden(…MY COMMENT: THIS IS 40% OF ALCOHOL MORTALITY.)

In general, in the ensuing 0.5–1.5 hours, the consumption of 1 Canadian standard drink results in a BAC of about 0.02 mg/mL; having 2 drinks in succession leads to a BAC of about 0.05 mg/mL; approximately 3 drinks results in a BAC of 0.07–0.08 mg/mL; and approximately 4 drinks results in a BAC of about 0.09 mg/mL (29). These levels obviously differ among individuals and with respect to the context of drinking, but the following risk periods (that time following consumption in which risk is significantly higher) can be assumed: 1 drink—>30 minutes; 3 drinks—>2 hours; 5 drinks—>3 hours; 7 or more drinks—>4.8 hours. These were the time periods modeled in the above formula.

                          SO: ONE DRINK PER DAY 




I have a problem. I can't see the little wee components that I used to put on my printed circuit boards.
And I was running out of stock. Since Covid has made it hard to get components, I decided to buy 50 sets of each. Then I designed a new board which was as small as possible with those big components. 50 PCB's from China. 50 cents each. Double that for shipping. Double that also for duty fees. But still cheaper than in USA or Canada.

What you see is called ROBBE2. It is a general computer about 1x1.7 inches and I just got it. You can see the terrible soldering job, but it will work. It looks like a tank with many weapons.. I found the smallest connectors that I can actually solder on the board.

But in my world of small computers, this is my sort of middle-road at 28 pins. My last robot computer chip had over 50 pins. My standard had 44 pins and disappeard due to covid. SO, this is just about right.

So now I can work on getting a full keyboard, PS2 style, a graphics display, a few motors, a radio, and a few sensors to triangulate the robot within a room. My ROBBE2, like the first one, has interfaces to expand even further. Might try making a MP3 player with timer and random play as well. ROBBE1 sang a song or two.

Dumb Computers....

OK! This is not a good day.. or week.. or anything related to my ALIENWARE computer with windows 11.
Here I am. I got 50 of my new hand-crafted printed circuit computer boards from China several weeks ago (50 cents each) and tested them with simple things. These being an LCD display (success), a digital 7 segment display for diagnostics (success), I2C com ports, Yay, status lamp and low battery. You might say that this little board is a great success…
This is not a good day. I created a password program for it with an old PS/2 keyboard, and prevously creating a 'book' of random and exchanged letters, each line being shuffled randomly to the ms timer in the multitaksing laptop 1000 times, and then 1000 lines of them. It took up half my little computer memory. This was the essence of a one time code to create unbreakable passwords using simple Upper Case sentences as the source.. so that I could remember them. You say.. lots of work. I say.. this program has never seen the light of the internet. It is on my little printed circuit board. And it doesn't work.
My MPLABX software was designed to debug this thing. It wanders off to somewhere else. My own debugger which worked before is now missing things like inputs.. which are now blank boxes. My programmer randomly says that there is a missing Flash memory that can't be programmed on my little Printed Circuit Boards. All in a single day. And when I turn on this fantastic ALIENWARE machine. It can't find my power supply and tells me that it is dangerous to have a foreign power supply. And yes, I can no longer change the colours of the keys on my keyboard since the Alienware Killer App no longer works.

AND my amazing ALIENWARE computer with 6 cores and 3000 threads running on a graphics board that pulls more power than the computers.. has slowed.. to.. a.. mere simulation of what it was. And programs that worked on it before are missing things or taking a lot of time to think about it. And photgraphs which were viewable are no longer viewable. This is not a good day.
You say? Why am I doing this? It was fun. It is no longer fun. Flash memories were made in China. I am thinking about conspiracy theories.
I bought a backup computer a month ago. It sucks. HD display that can't contain the 8K programs I write. Slow as blazes. It reminds me of the 1980 'Internet TV' computers. But it has a touch screen which my previous 'ALIENWARE' equivalent had.. until the battery expanded into the keyboard and touchpad, killing both. I have had a lot of bad days with these stupid things. It is time to move on….
I am about to make my little computer boards into a non-internet development system for my little computer boards. My old PS/2 keyboard works with it. I have written code for a graphics display with fonts (obtained from the internet) and I WILL run checksums on my little computer boards forever. When something changes.. I will start again. Or, at my age.. decide to paint on canvas.

Every day, a new News Channel. Conservatives are paying for this CBS news ad scam. AD's as NEWS..

March 16, 2023

THIS POLYVERY LOOKING AD was on BBC news Mar 15, 2023! Scam, as usual. Not about benefits! April 24, 2023 on CBS news as well... produced by Baidu GBU, based in China.

Poilievre-backed motion calls for an end to safe drug policies and more cash for treatment

Conservative leader says government funded safe-supply programs are leading to more opioid deaths

"Crime and chaos, drugs and disorder rage in our streets. Nowhere is this worse than in the opioid overdose crisis that has expanded so dramatically in the last several years," Poilievre told the House of Commons on Thursday morning.

The Conservative leader said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, backed by "tax-funded" activists, big pharma and others, is wrong to argue that providing addicted persons "powerful heroin-like drugs that are uncontaminated" will steer them away from street drugs.

Carolyn Bennett, the minister of mental health and addictions, told the House during the debate over the motion that the safe supply of pharmaceutical drugs saves lives, especially in cases where people are too weak to suffer through the shock of withdrawal. …"It seems that this party wants to take us back to the failed ideology of the Harper-era of drug policy," Bennett said in the debate. "This fight against evidence-based programs that are actually saving lives just has to stop," she said. "People are dying but not for the reasons they're giving." May, 2023 CBC.

This is Canada

The Canadian Government and normal Canadians are fighting a war with the Conservative Party.

This is possible. I read up on the reason that Trump is successful. His lies are the ones that his followers would believe. I mention followers, because these are the non-thinking biased public who love conspiracies… definition: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

In Trump's case, birther of a previous president is just the conspiracy that seemed obvious to the ill-informed racists. It worked to help Trump win his first election. Then the emails.. And the Russian help..all that his followers wanted to happen against their real enemy.. the Democrats.

In Canada's Conservative case, elite people are corrupt. That is enough for the conspiracy that seemed obvious to ill-informed conservatives. Conspiracy in Oil. Conspiracy against Provinces with oil. Conspiracy to allow foreigners to invade the country. Conspiracy to force tests, isolation, masks and innoculations. Alberta is soaking up every lie, every hint, every mention of 'wrong doing'.

Just the photo of the scowling Conservative leader is enough to bring his words of conspiracy to life. He is a follower of the Trump method and his followers are making him famous. That face is the Trump FIST. The call to arms. Over-reaching advertisements in You Tube, Quora and even news streamers are constant and hateful and we, the viewers can't even show our anger about this 'gaslighting'. The Conservatives are the Autocrats and mass killers in the making. All they have to do is pick a fault, like bail, and make it a hate crime to disagree with this 'new' thing produced by the government. There are sooo many examples. Like an alcoholic, a Conservative opens his mouth and out comes a new reality.

Honest Intentions:

My sister Anne saw a phrase on the internet "If you lose something by being honest, then you never had that thing anyway."

This is a mind game, and most people in Canada would say YAY to that because they saw the word 'honest'. But if that something was your reputation, media can make you lose it.

I saw another phrase today, from Qatar. "If you have good intentions, then we love you."
This is another mind game and most Canadians have good intentions. But they can still make fools of themselves and even hurt others through lack of understanding.

This is in a world where honesty and intentions are hidden in other minds and they do not exactly fit your own mind. Dishonest people take advantage of your good honest/intentioned mind. Other cultures have different ideas of normal and 'good'.

SO, regardless of the words: "Be Honest and Have Good Intentions", you can't control the result of that when others interact with you. Especially hate-media. And criminals. And entitled opponents. And narcissists. And other religions.

Think. Losing a child because you were honest.. is still losing a child.
Think. Losing a court case because you were honest.. means that someone else was dishonest but believable… or driven to beat you.

Honest and well-intentioned people just have to understand and roll with the punches. Go on vacation trips knowing that you will lose money by dishonesty in others. Expect the world to be less than perfect. And still smile and understand why this happens. Learn the wider, wilder world.

We should always be aware of an "honest smile" in others, and study that smile very carefully.

But never lose your intention to be good and honest.

Infinite stupid poem

             Infinity is not possible.. it is just non-existence.

    Infinity did not exist before our universe and doesn't now.

   The 'nothing' on the outside of our universe has no time and

   does not exist past our boundary. We are the moment in time.

                      Our moment in time

                       Another stupid poem.


Our universe had nothing before the big bang, not even space-time.

Yet it started with all of the ingredients for life, including our time.

C H N O combined eventually in this time to create our life.

So we evolved in the many years under the universal survival knife.

DNA became our memory of the effects of earthly procreation.

But now we have evolved from that and become a human nation.

We lived and died under the law of survival of the fittest.

But today, our DNA is being selected by the survival of the Richest.

Lust for a better-life-than-others is filling us with bias.

We plan to destroy, we pick the worst of the truth on Social Medias.

We do not care about others in their pain and suffering state.

Each day, we think of ourselves and don't care about their fate.

                  thats it.. stupid poem.


            Now about our present state of morality

                We are at a point of singularity

I see intimidation, bullying, hiding real-truth without abate.

I see war without reason, best intentions reduced to killing and hate.

Because our media is controlled by the Power of the Rich creations.

It took billions of years to reach this level of offensive nations.

Our world is now the world that media shows us, full of pessimism.

We see pieces designed to make us angry and pull us into extremism.

This is a war on our evolution, and on our existence as a species.

It took billions of years to build, a 100 years to tear down in pieces.

 "       really that’s it..  stupid poem.


Canada: population 38 million, one of only 23 full democracies in the world, Canada is .5%

of the world population. The USA is not on this list.. it is a flawed democracy (Stanford?).

Full democracy. There are 23 countries in this list, 7.5% of the world population. It is beyond belief that there are billions without democracy.

Provinces, Ontario and Quebec (60% CDN pop), have 85% renewable electricity. Other provinces not as good. This is about as good as it gets.

Ontario is teeming with immigrants, like my father and my mother's father.

Ontario municipal elections are electing people with no mention of their politics. There are no business or political fund raisers. The cost is the signs on the lawns and a single statement of policy in the local newspaper. This is about as good as it gets.

In my lifetime, we were once white people and our original citizens. Then I saw immigrants and even a neighbour from India. Then in the last 40 years Canada became all colours.. grocery stores, then workers, then engineers and eventually my grandchildren had as many non-white friends as white ones. There are provinces and citizens that are still like they were before my lifetime, unfortunately.

Canada, in my location near Toronto Ontario is a marvel. We need to do more, but I see it now with all families walking and playing outside. Brown will be our colour in 10,000 years. This is as good as it gets.


BUT BUT this is not what social and news media are showing us! And Conservatives are not much better. Look on the web and some of the hate sites that are popping up. See the hate videos on You Tube and read the misinformation on Quora. ASLO the Toronto Sun (Lillie), True North, Mr Sunshine, etsy youtube instagram tiktok pinterest. These are all Conservatives. There are no Liberal or New Democrat hate sites or hate/disinformation media. Liberals take selfies about the good things they are doing. Conservatives lambaste the Liberals for not handling the pandemic and causing inflation. Guess what the media covers? Canada was a leader in Covid, even with late promised deliveries of shots. Conservatives today are still making our masking and distancing a 'forced non-freedom' issue. And our inflation is less than most of the world right now.

Our Canadian Parliament is becoming this mine field of social intimidation.

I see 'I am telling you the truth', then bending it as it is said.

I see 'we must stop this from happening' without saying what this is.

We see the constancy of this in the media, called Gaslighting, massively sized attacks by Conservatives.

Canada is 0.5% of the earth's population having pure democracy and is not considered failing.

But the Conservative media on Youtube, Twitter, news channels, Quora etc. is

pure Gaslighting: like 'Knowing that Trudeau is hated by all Canadians, what are...".

Our politics were once mean only in parliament. Our politics are now outside in the streets and on our phones and internet, in the news, in the newspapers and it is mean-tempered only on one side.. Conservatives. They are changing our DNA back to lower morals where killing people is just a way of saying, 'I don't like you'.

                  So, to finish, I want people to make a choice on morals....

To allow democracy to ignore all ills ... or to allow democracy to consider all the people.

To purposely put others around you in danger by your actions.. or you become aware of not doing this.

To become extreme in your thoughts... or to consider and communicate and debate with an open mind.

To never compromise.. or be a person willing to give something away to help others.

To harm others physically or by reputations or morally... or not.

To tell lies using the media-methods of making lies look not like lies.. or else show truth.

To ignore pain and suffering in others or else to help others not as lucky as we are.

To constantly and overwhelmingly plan and produce media making some people look like monsters without full disclosure and without allowing discussions... or instead show policies and intentions and moral arguments for what you are doing.

Planning deception is immoral, Conservatives.IE the response to the freedom movement..

To bully or intimidate or practice cruelty... or else to help or support or love others as you would want to be loved.

To make decisions based on what negative effect that will have on others.. or allow others to live without your negative decisions. Racism is wrong.

            Exclusive or Inclusive. That is racism vs democracy.

Social Norms need to be uprooted to allow you to win.. or else be a normal lawful citizen.

           It is wrong to allow 'free speech' of hate and bullying and lies.


Please let the present Laws and norms about immoral actions apply with more full force until we all agree as a democracy to change them lawfully. A referendum is needed.. Democracy insists on referendums for important decisions. And some decisions are life-saving.


I would like to see people become liable for hate on all media. This is a democracy thing and may not be that for much longer. Like the effect of environmental pollution, we are not taking democracy seriously and we should be making purposeful changes right now, even if it costs us a bit of our freedom.

                               Lastly, a warning.


Haters need followers. Think of MAGA.. they used to be normal-ish people. Now they are the danger brought on by the previous USA president. The present-day Republicans are following this path and creating an 'Extreme Following' to support their intimidating politics of hate and disturbance.

The Canadian Conservatives are drawing toward that end and building the necessary 'followers'. It is the win-at-all-costs narcissistic mind that will destroy our world if mind-bending is allowed free reign.

                             Say a prayer for all of us.

                      Something made our Universe out of nothing.

The Danger of the USA

This is the Republican Party in the USA: Facts.

October 2022: It appears that Republicans will win the November vote coming up. Hence over 50% of the USA are republicans, regardless of the polls and news. You can't bend the actual truth that will be the next USA election. Republicans that vote are voting for MAGA. There is nothing else that they can say to pretend otherwise.

Biden: “MAGA Republicans are the people who refuse to acknowledge that an election took place and there was a winner,” Biden said Sept. 18. “The MAGA Republicans are those people who, in fact, say that the use of violence is a legitimate tool, like what happened to the Capitol.”

“A MAGA Republican is first and foremost a Trump supporter, no matter what he seems to do or say,” said American University political scientist James Thurber.

NBC news: Sep 22: A total of 42% of Republicans in the U.S. identify as “MAGA” Republicans'

An analysis from senior fellow Elaine Kamarck at the Brookings Institution, a research and policy center in Washington, D.C., found that 96% of Trump-endorsed candidates won their recent primary elections.

Thirty-six percent of primary candidates identified themselves as Trump or MAGA Republicans.

But the percentages of election deniers are high for all Republicans. In survey after survey, between 60% and 70% of Republicans say Biden was not the legitimate winner.

In the survey of Southern state Republicans, about 80% of those who identified strongly as MAGA said they did not believe the 2020 election was fair or accurate.

Another Biden speech.

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election. And they’re working right now, as I speak, in state after state, to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself. …

They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence that are a threat to our personal rights, to the pursuit of justice, to the rule of law, to the very soul of this country. They look at the mob that stormed the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, brutally attacking law enforcement, not as insurrectionists who placed a dagger at the throat of our democracy, but they look at it as patriots.”

Canada is in danger... Democracy worldwide is in danger.

This is about a news article from DW.. As autocrats ascend, gloomy data on democracies′ decline | World | Breaking news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 15.09.2022  It is based on the studies of the V-Dem organization.

It was mentioned in the article that the start of the slide away from democracy is a detectable thing arising from Hate. Resilient countries like Canada have started the slide. I blame the 2012-2015 rise of social media. Our political parties are no longer on the same path of democratic ideals. Hate is a hidden part of a few politicians that people think are nice and good. This is festering and these politicians are social media influencers. Canada is one of the 34 countries where there are laws in place that support pure democracy. A small, very small, 20% of the world countries hold these ideals. And the talk of removing social protections for the sake of the country is one of those anti-democratic talking points. In Canada’s case-in-point, it is country debt. Social media says that the pandemic debt was caused by the present politicians. THAT is my detectable red flag for Canada. Innocuous, silly, without proof.. but will be believed by half the population through social media.


V-Dem has chronicled 81 periods of democratic decay in countries since 1900 — 50 of which have occurred since 2000. In roughly 75% of cases, the crisis resulted in a complete transition to autocracies like China.

Of the 179 countries in the world, 34 are considered safe and pure democracies. Canada is among them.

The next best group includes Brazil, Poland, South Africa.. these, being on the edge of decline to autocracies like Iran, China, Qatar and North Korea.


"For these leaders to come to power, you need other elements, such as a crisis of traditional parties," Bizzarro said, adding that increased political hostility can also play a role. "Polarization creates the feeling that, as you detest your opponent so much, anything goes to get rid of them — including destroying democracy."


Brazil is one of 12 countries where domestic democratic systems are tilting toward autocracy, according to data published by Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), an independent research institute based at the University of Gothenburg. The other 11 countries span the globe: Poland, Niger, Indonesia, Botswana, Guatemala, Tunisia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Guyana, Mauritius and Slovenia. 

In a few years.. the USA will join that group.

And if social media is allowed to present lies as truth, Canada will follow quickly. Keep an eye on our gerrymandering in the coming years. Another red flag.

NZ hills


from a Canadian film...
"This is Canada, sir. There's no need to worry
about such things." 

This is it! Our destiny is 'inclusive'. This is what Canada was in the 1900's. We did our part. We kept level and strong. Those bad things that we saw around us made us united. We were 'good'.

But sir, I worry about our past and our future. We invaded a land. We created our world in that land. And we are now killing our world.

Nature is cruel. We did our part. We killed, and destroyed, and conveniently looked at the beauty of what we made.

Dear sir. Nature is attending to we humans. We have now decimated and altered the fate of the complete world. Canadians are now the worst polluters per person in the complete earthly domain. Canada. The worst offenders in the world!

And now, we are turning into the things that we had no need to worry about. Coal, Oil, Gas, expansion, pollution, politics, hate, killings, guns, isolation, danger all around. There are no protections from the haters. We are the narcissists who grew up the sons and daughters of narcissists who in turn came to Canada to make their new way work and They Had the Force of Narcissism.

This, sir is what humanity has to worry about.

Look at our newspapers, spewing hate. Look at the Pope.. a person.. acknowledging what we called 'being right' as being wrong. Our politics have become hateful, not just things to be disagreed, but persons to be hurt. This is Our Canada. Nature made us this way. We are devolving into our human nature, at uncontrolled depths. I would say to our ancesters.."In our present world, where is the 'light'?".

And Ladies. And Gentlemen. Your masks are now removed. Times are no longer controlled by you. Those that yell are heard. This is a new media world which is actually just.. the cruelty.. of our nature when things need to be worried about.

I saw, last fortnight, 100 waving windmills. Probably the 'being right' thing to make us feel better. We need 2000 examples of our 100-windmill efforts to just fill the function of one small atomic unit. The Canadian government can't even think of how to pay for such windmills for all of our domain. We have used up our earth. Filling the space with CO2 removing mechanics is now our only option. And it is just a breeze in the natural order of our Earth. And the wind is getting unpredictable. We have been chastened.

Hate in Canada: Our Future.

Convoy Canada, Queen of Canada (QAnon), Sovereign Citizen Movement, Freedom Party, Conservatives openly wanting to end the CPP and Unemployment Insurance. Private Health. This is the evil that is the USA.. here in Canada. Oppose This Muck.

“What kind of hypocrite is our PM? He chastises people for using vile comments about his deputy PM, and certainly, that is understandable. Nowhere in his remarks does he address his own and his support of his party’s remarks that, although somewhat less vile, still disparage those who disagree with his views. His comments on the Ottawa Convoy would be a case example.”

This was published as a Winnipeg Sun readers comment.. on the Winnipeg Sun site. Do you wonder about this?

Extremism starts right here. Right now. In Canada.  


Even local politicians fear the things happening to them: just like the video against  deputy PM Freeland referred to above… like a horses head (fake) on a mayors driveway…

 “Why on earth would I openly state that I feel fear after seeing that horrible video? Because you need to hear what actually happens to women after something like this,” the Calgary mayor said…

 ...Gondek said she chose to share the stories because the public needs to know there are “people who feel that their freedoms involve being able to intimidate others.”

“The cold reality is that we all know the deputy prime minister will be targeted again. We know I will be targeted again,” she said. “Women in media and politics often feel like we’re screaming into the void.”

And while condemnation of such verbal assaults is important, action is necessary, she said. Groups and individuals perpetuating hate should be identified and must face consequences.


Another Rant:

This is a thing. Women are being forced back to slaves, to baby keepers. To be intimidated by men in charge. To be forced to endure the worst, to be kept in obeyance. You think that this is Afghanistan?
NO! This is the Republican party in the USA.
This is also the Indigenous women in Canada.
This is the Men vs Women count in any political party.
Women are being put out as different.

In my family, ladies are treated with equal respect to non-ladies. The women have the added burden of bearing children and the chemistry that comes with it. But a man's world is what we had. It is now a future-world. Elephants know. Lions know. I suspect that all men know. Except those that live in the 12th century. Modern is 'intelligent', having evolved to be morally understanding of all human's needs.

Our politics are forcing a world of obeyance and we are forced to think the political way of others. It is impossible. There is no overall agreement on individualism or seeing the truth as it is now. Some people are Wrong-headed. But kept to themselves, so be it. Smile at our Mennonites, our Witnesses, our red-necks. Live with the Inuits, the trap-makers, the hunters. But also live with the billionaires, the rich, the black neighbours who have perfect children. Live with diversity. It doesn't need to be kept in other countries. We will eventually all be brown skinned. 100,000 years. Brown. A glorius shade of perfect tan brown. Bronze .. or Blond.. or perfect black. Who cares? Yes Japan, you are the brightest. Be happy. We will work harder.

But when wrong-headedness becomes the norm, there have to be rules. We used to call these wrong-headed people as sub-human and removed them. Now we should accept the differences.. but only if they do not affect the rest. (Communism wanted to take over the world.) Let the Republicans die in the pandemic.. it's what they want, to be free to die. That is wrong-headed, but if we can contain that so they are happy in their depressed life-span, then let's not get in their way. It will help keep fewer people in the world.

Well, this is THE thing. It is not just women or politics. It is mankind. It is Racism. AND it is the obtuse 'social' structure that keeps 'mens' minds closed.
People who are enlightened are pretty well all the same. They think of the others as friends to teach and help. And they know when to stop or be taught themselves. But 'enlightened' is a moving target. Enlightened people are in tune with change. They know what an enlightened world should look like... really all people know what humans, all humans need. It is just that the unenlightened are stuck in the past and want to live that way.

Why, for heaven's sake do the unvaccinated feel rightous?
Why, for the love of Him, do the unvaccinated feel free to demonstrate violently?
Why do the users of 'the Pill' feel that rape should have it's reward?
Why are there poor countries? China was poor. It got over it. Can we help others?

There are so many of us.. who feel 'sensitive' about what is good for all. Regardless of the change that will come from it. There are so many normal humans who shrink at what the news 'forces' upon us. We are being abused by the few abnormals that get the news spotlight. It is time for change. There should be laws on social media. It is that simple. The FEW that fill the media with wrong information have to be removed.

The 10 commandments need extensions!

Think: "Love", "Like" and "Hate", "Remove" and "Send to Law enforcement" should be buttons on any lawful media/news site. These must be totalled and mediated. The general public are good.. mostly, and should be heard. And there should be 'government morality' things like the 'constitution' that all politicians MUST follow. Politicians must be judged harshly.. for they are the social media in all news stations. AND there is no ducking the law, or finding ways to beat the new 50 Commandments.
Start with Republicans.. do define the need for 40 new extensions.

USA/China/Russia vs World

The USA is aiming to be the next Russia and China. There will be elections in the USA, but only to select the best Republicans. The same demonizing of the minority, the control of white nationalism, closing borders and trading, stealing and doing things with impunity. Misinformation via national Fox Russia and China.

You think that I am kidding?

Just think of hero Trump. Sexual troll, controlling people with his power, Lying to the public every day.. mostly documented, and bringing out racism to equal that of China. China was trying to stop militants.. USA is creating militants, who are now trying to stop 'their' militants. USA is really China in the bud. The days of morality are waning.

Consider the smiling 'Trump' method of the Covid information suppression. It was a joyful way of separating the Repulicans from the ones to be attacked. There is no other reason why Trump knowingly killed 300,000 citizens.

Then the USA Republicans change election polling areas to make the non-Republican areas count as basically nothing. Russia and the USA use force. It is built in to their economy and built into the ruling class.

The USA international 'force' is money and control of trade. Some people call it bullying. It is the people not with power that mention the word 'bullying'. I call it abuse of power.

Think guns and ammunition to the rest of the world, and in the USA, only eventually in the hands of the Republicans. Why else would guns be popular? Certainly not just for hunting game animals. This is open's sole purpose.

The second USA amendment is only for those who want to use machine guns. The first amendment is only used to allow Fox and Facebook and other digital media to become the national 'press' of Republican misinformation. This is like China. The other lowly news stations like CNN are not even watched by the Republicans. It is not important to their rule.

The USA is not even a democracy. They are proud to call themselves a Republic. And Republicans should rule. That is their driving force. The Democrats, pushing democracy, are to be ignored. The Supreme Court of the USA is a mini-usa. 'We are the court of law, not politics', but every decision is based on the Republicans vs the Democrats, hence politics.

The lowering of life expectancy is a result of Republican policies. The poor needing work which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. The poor needing education which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. The poor needing health care which is not available to the poor is a Republican policy. No gun control is a Republican policy. Covid spread is because of Republican policy. Segregation is an implied Republican policy, but active in schooling.

The USA is being hated throughout the world. Yes, we need their trade. But the hate is building. Republicans rule the USA and are making this easier to accomplish. The Republicans are marching the path of China and Russia. In China and Russia, it is not the man on the street who is marching. In the USA it is 50% of the population doing the marching. The man on the street is the threat in the USA and a threat to morality.

I am thinking that the United Nations is no longer useful. I think that the countries not mentioned above should start thinking outside the USA box.

Our Pollution

My latest pet project. This is an indoor 'shadow box' style unit with a baffled 2000 lumen LED focused using lenses to become a beam. It sees clouds of pollution. The first half of the video  above shows a pretty standard home. OK, mine has carpeting. I left the cooling fan off, so you just see the floating  dust in silence. And when I walk around on my carpet, the 'dust' becomes a fog too dense to see through.

I used my best IQAir-pro 10 nm hyper-hepa filter outside the room for the second half of the video. The video is not as clear as when actually seeing it, for there is a beam, a lightening of the air just a bit, that has particles too small to see. This is down in the 10 micron range. The fan is on, for the LED would otherwise burn up and the lenses melt or crack. And it brings in the room air at a higher speed.

Our outside air is like the first half of the video, except worse, much worse. This is the air that we consider 'outdoor' and safe air. No wonder we get asthma! Opening windows does not bring in clean air!


We are the Worst Polluter per person!

Paradigm Shift:

Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, "Come." I looked, and behold, a White Horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

An article today: Canada will need a Covid test to be done prior to landing in Canada. But that test has to be done by a trusted country. People from Africa, and obviously any other country affected by the new Omicron strain, will have to stop over in another country to get tested. Is this our world? Is this the level we have dropped toward? Are we falling to the Four Horsemen? Is this The Pestilence?

"So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine' " (Revelation 6:5–6).

There was an old world, and now there is something different. The pre-Trump era created a world of hate and mistrust. Then they voted Trump in. And he was just what they wanted. The Paradigm shift was happening when the rich replaced democracy... Lobbyists paid for their demands to be met. Even Russia, it seems, followed suit. Morality had been redefined in this Paradigm Shift. Politicians only have ‘paper’ morality. And the world is turning and twisting to the politicians. This also is the pillar of the Four Horsemen.

"Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword" (Revelation 6:4).

I mention Trump, only as an exemplar of the problem. He was the arguably most powerful person in the world, and we saw a hint of his effect. Power started working on him and he followed the power. He was created by the pre-Trump hate and tuned himself for the applause. Morality is no longer involved in the New World. There is only the ‘towing’ to he who will win.

"So I looked, and behold, a Pale Horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth" (Revelation 6:8).

Politicians were initially volunteers. They did not get rich from being a politician. They became more famous, which was enough. The bureaucrats levelled the playing field like a lead metal lining around a fission bomb. This is no longer the case. It didn't take the pandemic to make this obvious. It was digital social media and news reporting. We are killing ourselves from within. The 4 horses of the apocalypse are within us.


4 Dimensions

I had a dream.. again on how to get away from monsters. I would just jump into a 4th dimension (not time). And of course, I woke up.

It’s like this. In a flat world, that is a sheet of paper, there are 2 dimensions. We in the 3 dimensional world would and could and can see that sheet of paper without being in that paper.

The flat sheet is the 2 dimension’ed universe for those living in it. We in the 3 dimensions can probably pull and bend that sheet, and the occupants of the paper would have no idea that we were doing this.

Interesting. I could be a dot of matter in that 2 dimensions and interact with the rest of the occupants of that world. I am in the 3 dimensions, but being in the sheet, I am not a normal 2-dimensional occupant. So, at any whim,  I just jump out.. a very short distance and the occupants would no longer see me. I can see them, being in the 3 dimensions and I can travel outside of their universe. If their sheet is wrinkled or bent, I can ‘quickly’ move faster than those occupants and appear in a totally different part of their universe.

My dream is so totally possible. The 4th dimension is similarly up from ours and can have humans and there can be a space that we, special occupants of the next universe, can disappear to.

AI vs Real Life

No Turning Back

Our Future World

This Russian attack on a democratic country is the end of the world as we know it. The step was made and the thing is done.

Some might call it WW3, played out in a modern way. Like robot vs robot, the winners and losers are unknown except through the suffering populations.

The WW3 future is different than our past. The modern world is like no other time in history.

We can't just wait for the physical warfare. We have to respond in paradigm shift black-hole style. It takes a second to remove any financial communications in the world. Internet cables across the oceans. Satellite destruction. All these things are instananeous. It has to be done. The future is electronic and rebuilding is required.

Regardless of the outcome of this, Russia and China and Belarus and even India will have to find new ways to maintain an economy, for they won't get it from others. Shunning is the start of a new world order. They wanted this, the Russians, but they did it in the wrong century. China has only a few months to save itself from being stained. India may eventually come to realize its demise.

We have to determine that we will lose much to isolate Russia and friends, but we must have the willingness to do this. Like the environment, some will suffer more in climate remediation. The alternative is massive armed war.

The 'rest of the world' must now act with full force. The Russian Internet equipment and all satellites allowing data, finances and personal communication must be cut off. Satellite warfare has to be created. The most powerful telescope beyond the moon has to be directed at Russia. There has to be 'air' control around the Russian border and these tools have to be massive and modern. Shipping must use AI to keep track of the Black Market. This is what constant air power can provide. Satellites have to be more invasive. Mining of the Black Sea has to be considered and kept modern and protected. The Arctic must be declared free and untouchable by the UN and Air power created to support this. Monitoring is the new weapon and isolation is the new punishment. The UN must sluff off Russia and it's friends. Then the UN has to be a military power.

I will bet that whatever Russians believe, they will personally never ever be able to enter other countries again.

The world order has met its inflection point.. unless Russia submits to total defeat and allows it's military to be shut down.

Since the world doesn't believe any of the above, it is the end of the world as we know it.