Ron’s Page

This is a Family Page for me. My children and close relatives live in Ontario Canada. We have others in Michigan, nephews once removed. And Canada has more as we have spread out. My ancestral line comes from England. My links to the 1600’s there are on but I don’t support The Other Pateys there any more..

The Family History page shows our present family here from Georgetown, near Toronto, then other recent stuff and then some of the historical stuff. The PDF of our military ancestry in Great Britain is included and a good read.

I have done paintings, more done after Sandy passed away in 2010. And I have decided to start again.. my new eye surgery has helped me to see colours better! The My Paintings has a nice little video at the bottom of my better efforts.

SO this site is firstly, the photos gathered from our holidays. Personally and on business, I have to been to about 48 countries. These photos are basically from after year 2000, since digital became the thing. They are haphazardly placed, which makes life more interesting. I have painted a few landscapes from these.

AND this site is for the paintings, most of which are here, and this is a hobby. I have given most of them away, and filled the garage with the failures.. or just not perfect. Some are on my walls.

A picture of a thousand words  But I keep adding stuff, like this.

And, the web searches always, for me, show the Wikipedia for

Thomas McNamara Russell.. I made it big.

He is an ancestor. His daughter, a beautiful girl, married a handsome Patey in the 1800’s. 

He may be our link to the infamous Russells in England. 

Sandy and I have been in a lot of places on holidays. This is Namibia.


Another Rant:

This is a thing. Women are being forced back to slaves, to baby keepers. To be intimidated by men in charge. To be forced to endure the worst, to be kept in obeyance. You think that this is Afghanistan?
NO! This is the Republican party in the USA.
This is also the Indigenous women in Canada.
This is the Men vs Women count in any political party.
Women are being put out as different.

In my family, ladies are treated with equal respect to non-ladies. The women have the added burden of bearing children and the chemistry that comes with it. But a man’s world is what we had. It is now a future-world. Elephants know. Lions know. I suspect that all men know. Except those that live in the 12th century. Modern is ‘intelligent’, having evolved to be morally understanding of all human’s needs.

Our politics are forcing a world of obeyance and we are forced to think the political way of others. It is impossible. There is no overall agreement on individualism or seeing the truth as it is now. Some people are Wrong-headed. But kept to themselves, so be it. Smile at our Mennonites, our Witnesses, our red-necks. Live with the Inuits, the trap-makers, the hunters. But also live with the billionaires, the rich, the black neighbours who have perfect children. Live with diversity. It doesn’t need to be kept in other countries. We will eventually all be brown skinned. 100,000 years. Brown. A glorius shade of perfect tan brown. Bronze .. or Blond.. or perfect black. Who cares? Yes Japan, you are the brightest. Be happy. We will work harder.

But when wrong-headedness becomes the norm, there have to be rules. We used to call these wrong-headed people as sub-human and removed them. Now we should accept the differences.. but only if they do not affect the rest. (Communism wanted to take over the world.) Let the Republicans die in the pandemic.. it’s what they want, to be free to die. That is wrong-headed, but if we can contain that so they are happy in their depressed life-span, then let’s not get in their way. It will help keep fewer people in the world.

Well, this is THE thing. It is not just women or politics. It is mankind. It is Racism. AND it is the obtuse ‘social’ structure that keeps ‘mens’ minds closed.
People who are enlightened are pretty well all the same. They think of the others as friends to teach and help. And they know when to stop or be taught themselves. But ‘enlightened’ is a moving target. Enlightened people are in tune with change. They know what an enlightened world should look like… really all people know what humans, all humans need. It is just that the unenlightened are stuck in the past and want to live that way.

Why, for heaven’s sake do the unvaccinated feel rightous?
Why, for the love of Him, do the unvaccinated feel free to demonstrate violently?
Why do the users of ‘the Pill’ feel that rape should have it’s reward?
Why are there poor countries? China was poor. It got over it. Can we help others?

There are so many of us.. who feel ‘sensitive’ about what is good for all. Regardless of the change that will come from it. There are so many normal humans who shrink at what the news ‘forces’ upon us. We are being abused by the few abnormals that get the news spotlight. It is time for change. There should be laws on social media. It is that simple. The FEW that fill the media with wrong information have to be removed.

The 10 commandments need extensions!

Think: “Love”, “Like” and “Hate”, “Remove” and “Send to Law enforcement” should be buttons on any lawful media/news site. These must be totalled and mediated. The general public are good.. mostly, and should be heard. And there should be ‘government morality’ things like the ‘constitution’ that all politicians MUST follow. Politicians must be judged harshly.. for they are the social media in all news stations. AND there is no ducking the law, or finding ways to beat the new 50 Commandments.
Start with Republicans.. do define the need for 40 new extensions.

World Covid

Facts are good. Use trusted sources. Oct 5, 2021.

“World-O-Meter Coronavirus Information” IS A site for over 150 countries.
NOTE: this site uses ratios so that the size of the population is not part of the calculation. You will rarely see any other data or graph with this style.

USA has had, over the complete pandemic, 1 case for every 5 people. This is the 15th worst country..but the total populations of the countries worse than the USA add up to a mere 20 million. SO the USA was not very good at a population of 333 million people.

USA at this date has 29,000 people per million WITH active covid cases running. The USA is the worst for ANY countries in the world having over a 1/2 million person population. The 6 countries worse than the USA add up to about 3 million population total.

Canada, compared, has had 1 case for every 23 people and has 1,200 active cases per million people. Canada compared to the USA is 4 to 25 times better. One wonders why our borders are still ‘limited’ by the USA.

Typical Canada-related countries for comparison…
USA: Had covid, 20% : Now active in covid, 2.9% of the population.
UK Had covid, 11% : Now active in covid, 2.0% of the population.
Australia Had covid 8.3% : Now active in covid, .09% of the population.
Italy Had covid 7.7% : Now active in covid, .15% of the population.
Canada: Had covid 4.4% : Now active in covid, .12% of the population.
NZ: Had covid 0.09% : Now active in covid .006% of the population.

There are countries like India that don’t have credible counts.. but there are enough countries with credibility to make the World-o-meter site trustworthy.